This is your empowering handbook enabeling you to test to places guided by your dreams, not your anxieties. It will enable you to go where you have not dared to travel before.

So many beautiful places were shunned by cruisers because of security concerns. Papua New-Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Socotra, Djibouti, Sudan; just to name a few. Instead of visiting those last remote and unspoiled regions, skippers tended to give them a wide berth. Some were scared by rather unspecific media coverage, others decided based on hearsay evidence and grim stories told over sundowners in safe marinas.

On the other hand, houndreds of charter crews visit the beautiful Caribbean each year. Abandoning all common sense to go to sleep in an unlocked boat with hatches wide open, dinghy and outboard bobbing in the water. The less unfortunate wake up with a robber in their cabin. Luckier skippers merely have to report a stolen dink and outboard in the morning.

This empowering handbook on yacht security helps you to assess and understand your destination to make the right preparations. It supports skippers and crew to decide on what to bring and how to behave according to the threat level in your cruising area.

Whether it shall be a caribbean charter or a circumnavigation. The book encourages skippers to think again before dismissing a route or destination because of security concerns.

With sound research, balanced routing, good preparation and a set of simply applied rules, you will be better in avoiding criminal attacks and relax in rewarding anchorages around the planet. You don’t have to convert your yacht into a fortess for the night. Neither do you have to be armed to the teeth.

However, when push comes to shove, you will just have the right tactics at hand to prevail in a confrontation with thieves, burglars and robbers boarding your vessel.