Readers will find a score of hands on yacht security solutions for your stay in marinas, anchorages and passages in troubled waters. These include navigation strategies, crime avoidance maeasures, confrontation tactics as well as more than fourty types of security equipment tested and rated for cruising vessel crews.

Hands on Yacht Security for Cruiser Crews

When selecting security solutions, applicability for the normal cruiser’s crew was the primary creterion. Solutions are not designed for security specialists, street fighters or tech-wizards. Regular yacht crews and skippers alike were in focus when developing simple preparations and hands on tactics.

Hands on yacht security: securing the main hatch
Secure hot weather main hatch barrier (source:

All of the proposed solutions were developed by circumnavigators and carefully tested by the author during his trip around the globe. Consequently, you will not need any special knowhow, skill or systems that are not typically found on a cruising yacht.

The vast majority of the introduced equipment items can simply be bought or implemented with your typical on-board equipment. No more particular mechanical skills needed. For some, skippers who are a bit less apt in handicraft need to rely on the services of professionals. However, all off those can be built or delivered by the service providers you will typically find around marinas and other yachtista hang-outs.


Equipment Rating
Quick rating for all tested items help to make the right invests

To make sure that you will be able to decide on the right equipment for your voyacht, each pice of equipment was tested and rated for their usefulness accoring to yacht situation and your cruising area’s risk level. This will help you to focus on the right level of security while minimizing the effect on your budget.

Hands on yacht security solutions are not just limited to equipment: readers will find applicable methods for planning their journey, selecting their anchorage and, when push comes to shove, act effectively in case of a confrontation with boarding criminals.